4 Simple ways to help with Anxiety

Have you’ve ever felt like you had an elephant sitting on your chest? What about getting hives all over your body?

I know, pretty intense, right? There are over 40 million Americans who suffer from anxiety and only 36.9% actually treat their disorders.  Anxiety is a large umbrella, which is a normal part of life.


For me, I have a huge phobia when it comes to death.  When I get extremely stressed, I start to get hives. At first, I truly thought it was because I was undergoing so many changes in my life, such as getting married, moving out of my hometown, changing schools, and going on a honeymoon, so I thought I was just dealing with a lot of stress.  I noticed that I would be getting hives but I’ve had a metal allergy since I was young, I thought the cause was from that.  I literally had a pill bar of antihistamines. But when I was getting into fights with a baby gate, I thought to myself, maybe this more than just a metal allergy. 


A lot of people, like myself might say that they should be able to handle everything in life but anxiety is so common. There’s a difference between anxiety versus an anxiety disorder.  Worrying is a sign of having anxiety but when having a disorder, it can cause a decline in your health. The symptoms can range from GI issues, OCD, worrying all the time, unrelenting fear, and unfortunately that doesn’t hit the tip of the iceberg.  These symptoms can cause a weak immune system, respiratory issues, drug addiction, and fight or flight hormones that we don’t need anymore.  Anxiety disorder can even create rare tumors.  And it’s so crazy that so many people are not getting treatment for something that is absolutely normal. 


There’s a shame factor when it comes to people living with anxiety. Some feel like they have to hide it because of their pride.  With 40 million people having anxiety, you should not feel less of a human. 

Instead, you should embrace the fact that you are able to see things differently and know that you are not weak if you seek for help. 


When I finally went to the doctors, she prescribed medication.  Although it helped tremendously, there are other things that you should use alongside with a prescription. 


Here are some of the strategies I use to help me with my anxiety:  


Smelly Bag

Okay… so full disclosure, my husband named it and I don’t know the correct term but I promise it does help.  It’s a bag filled with beads and I place it in the microwave.  For some reason, warmth really calms me down.  You are able to pick one up at a convenient store.  You can also look up bed buddy.  I like mine because I can wrap it around my neck and when I feel like I’m getting anxious, it really does calm me down. I use my smelly bag all of the time. It has been a wonderful investment that I will always love! Click here to find out more about my smelly bag!


CBD Oil 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a plant compound that has a vast amount of health benefits, without any psychoactive effects.

CBD oil can be extracted from any variety of the cannabis plant.

Our CBD comes from the hemp plant. The hemp plant is a specific strain of the species Cannabis Sativa.

THC is another plant compound that is found in different strains of the species Cannabis Sativa. THC is the compound that makes you feel high.

The hemp plant contains only trace amounts of THC, and those amounts are always isolated and never included in the extraction of CBD.

The CBD compound is always extracted independently and isolated.

CBD does not make you feel high.

CBD has therapeutic properties. This makes CBD ideal for people who want to relax and soften into their minds, not get out of their minds.

I love this stuff! When you get the food grade CBD bottle, it has a dropper where you can place the oil underneath your tongue.  For me, it takes about 30 minutes for me to feel the calm effect.  I’m still able to function throughout the day because it doesn’t have THC.  CBD oil comes in different flavor but my favorite from My Soul CBD is peppermint.  Everyone’s body will react differently, so definitely do your research. To check out more about the CBD oil I use CLICK HERE!


Essential Oils

I love Eden Garden!

The allure of essential oils often lies in the desire to connect the body and mind. Our mental and physical wellbeing are more intrinsically linked than we frequently suppose. Harmony in the body provides peace in the mind. Lavender oil is an excellent example of the connection between body and mind. It is used to soothe anxiety and holistically treat minor burns and cuts. For mental clarity and pain relief, a few drops of Rosemary oil can reinvigorate wellness.

I love Eden’s Garden because their oils are high-quality but they are affordable! They have amazing resources to help you find the oils that are right for you. Plus, there is no marketing, no signing up or purchasing of starter packages. You get what you need at a price that doesn’t make you choke! Click here to check out Eden’s Garden!


Calm App

When starting this journey, I thought I should have a notepad on my nightstand.  Yeah, I totally ditched that idea because I ended up having a to do list for the next morning.  Oddly enough, meditation has been helping me.  I use the Calm App because the app provides sleep stories and guided medication.  And for those who are teachers, it’s great for the classroom! Help your kids and yourself during the school day. 

Know That You Aren’t Alone And That Asking For Help To Face Your Anxiety Doesn’t Make You Weak…It Actually Means You Are Ready To Start Taking Care Of You. If You Have Questions, I Am Here, But If I Can Do This So Can You!

Until next time,