Goodbye, Crayons| My Re-brand Story

Hi, I’m Meg Slope.  I am a human.  I love to drink jiggle juice and I’m working on my mental and physical health.  You might have known me as Meg’s Crayons in the past but I have officially rebranded myself to just be me.  Meg Slope.


The process of rebranding myself to just being a human has been a long and hard journey. Unfortunately, this shift has left many people leaving and for those who have stuck around, thank you for wanting to get to know me, a person who goes beyond just being a teacher. 

Goodbye Crayons


Before I explain why I made the shift, let me give you a back story about how Meg’s Crayons.


During my student teaching, I called up a former teacher to ask how I might be able to have an edge to getting a teaching job and he suggested to start a blog.  So, instead of a portfolio, I could send them to my blog where it showcased my teaching skills.  This lead me to create content on Teachers Pay Teachers and I became a resource and built a community for other who are in the profession. 

Although, I will never forget about Meg’s Crayons, I realized that I’m not just only a teacher. 


Wearing the teacher hat ALL THE TIME got really exhausting.  Basically, it led to me almost wanting to quit.  Not only did I want to leave, I noticed that I wasn’t taking care of myself mentally and physically.  So, I started to jiggle in my stories and people felt awkward asking me about my sports bras or other questions that was not related to teaching. I didn’t want to provide a space for people where they felt uncomfortable asking questions about my life.

 I AM A HUMAN! And a good one.


Meg’s Crayons has been around since 2011.  I started seven years ago and I have changed as a person.  My interests have changed.  I grew up.   Like many people, I’ve went through many different transitions which includes switching grade levels and school districts.  In my new district, I’m unable to be as creative because most things are scripted.  I am no longer able to create content for Teachers Pay Teachers because I’m not allowed to make my own materials.  Honestly, I think I would be frustrated to create material that I wouldn’t be able to use myself.  I would be envious, and that is not healthy. 


Just because you are a teacher, does not mean that it’s the only passion you have.

Just like how our students’ interests changes almost every second, we forget that adults’ interests can evolve as well. 


I want to be able to share more with you and sticking with Meg’s Crayons would have literally kept me inside a box of crayons for the rest of my life.  Becoming Meg Slope (which is an alias name to protect my family) will allow me to share if I’m going to get a new puppy, house decor, jiggle juice, my sweaty body, and just me. 

Making this change has allowed me to provide you all aspects of ME.


I truly have to give a shout out to Brand Her Style because without them, I would have not been able to make this shift.  Not only did they help my brand change esthetically, but also helped guide my brand from within.  I told them that I was scared that this change was going to make me lose my people.  They smacked me in the face with some wisdom and told me that if they didn’t share my shift, they weren’t my people in the first place. To be given truth like that just provided me a perspective that made this hard process a little easier. 


I am a brand.  My brand is Meg Slope.  I am a good human who is excited to share with you other things that goes beyond being a teacher.  This has been an emotional journey and I am constantly reminding myself that nobody can judge it. I hope that I intrigued you enough to stick around the see what Meg Slope is all about.  Because I’m not going to lie, Meg Slope as a human is pretty cool.   

Much love,