14 Easy Christmas Gifts You can get RIGHT NOW!


Happy shopping season! It is that time of year where you are running around trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Well, today I thought I would help you out by sharing some of my favorite things that may just be perfect for someone on your list. In this blog post you will find gifts for teachers, bloggers, techy friends and so much more!

Let's get to shopping! 

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Gifts for the Teacher in your life:

Your best bet is to get a GIFT CARD to Target, Starbucks, Amazon or any other stores that they frequent. 

If you want to give them a little more than a gift card, here are a few other ideas! 

You can NEVER go wrong with getting a Teacher a brand new pack of Mr. Sketch Markers! I love using these skinny ones to grade papers or write smelly notes for my students. The broad tip markers are also another great choice! Heck, WHY NOT GET THEM BOTH! Skinny Sketch markers.


A Doorbell! I know this seems crazy, but trust me. I use this doorbell in my classroom and it has not only saved my voice, but my sanity as well. With 50+ different tones and a quick set up, this gift is bound to excite any teacher for the Holidays! http://amzn.to/2zk3hRc


Any teacher will squeal with joy when they see ASTROBRIGHTS paper! With copy budgets being tight and not being able to make copies in color, bright colored paper is the way teachers are still bringing the rainbow into their classroom! There are A TON of color options so you can find a color to match any classroom! 


Speaking of tight printing budgets you can bring any teacher to tears by purchasing a printer for them to print at home! I use this printer to avoid high printing costs by using HP Instant Ink, now I don't have to decide which centers need to be black and white and which ones can be printed in color. I CAN PRINT EVERYTHING IN COLOR and save myself time and money! Use this link to get 3 months free! 


Finally, do the teacher in your life a favor and buy them some pre-sharpened pencils. I swear my students eat them and by December they are writing with small stubs and all the nice pencils have disappeared. No teacher has time to sharpen 20-some pencils, so help them out with some Pre-Sharpened Ticonderoga pencils...they are bound to bring a smile to any teachers face! 


Gifts for the Techie/Vlogger/InstaGrammer

So many teachers have started creating their own side hustle or they are simply obsessed with the latest technology. Here are some of my FAVORITE Tech gifts for the TECHIE in your life:

Say hello to the Square Jellyfish Tripod Mount! Do you have someone who does Live videos on Instagram or Facebook?  This Mount is simply AH-MAZ-ING! The strong grip, 360- Swivel and Lifetime Warranty easily make it one of the best! 


If you have a mount, you are going to need a sturdy tripod for videos or product pictures. Say hello to my fave tripod the Joby GorillaPod ! This tripod comes with a ball head bundle making it easy to set up with your Jelly fish mount and get right to work. This stand is great for DSLR cameras as well! Sturdy, flexible and just what you need to get your side hustle up and rollin'!


YES!! These babies are on my wishlist this year. I have the wired beats and love them, but as I travel and work out the cord drives me nuts! Say hello to the Beats Solo3 Wireless ... I absolutely love how comfy and sound proof my beats are! I've got all the heart eyes for these wireless pair as I use these babies to jam out while I'm grading in my classroom, or on the plane when I am working (trust me these babies have blocked out screaming children on a plane!). They are a solid investment for any tech lovin' soul! 


This little guy is a total life saver! I store all of my creations, pictures, music etc on this little guy which saves my computer or laptop from running slow! It was a solid investment to removing large files from my computer that I needed without running my laptop into the ground.  This is perfect to transport files between computers or store your life on it, like I do. I love mine so much it even has a name, Tiny Dude. You can grab your very own Tiny Dude here!


I often get asked what I use for lighting in my pictures and videos, so..here it is! This is the Prismatic Mini Halo Ring light. It is a smaller ring light that packs a powerful punch. With a dimmable light, carrying case and collapsible stand, this baby can go anywhere at anytime. I like that it is smaller so it doesn't take up a ton of space like stuido lighting or a full size ring light. It truly is one of my faves!  This is perfect for staging product photos, shooting live videos, head shots and so much more! 


Gifts that anyone will enjoy!

I know that not everyone on your list is a teacher or will enjoy some of the things listed above, so I thought I would also share some of my favorites that I have given to my friends and family in the past. 


If you have followed me long you know that I am OBSESSED with Wax Buffalo Candles. These pure soy goodies smell amazing and are locally made right here in Lincoln, Nebraska. Some of my favorite scents include: Sweet Tobacco, Cinnamon/Clove (from the Christmas collection), The Orchard (from the fall Collection) and Rosemary + Mint for an uplifting clean smell. These scents also come in wax melts and are guaranteed to make anyone smile! 


I love shopping small and I discovered Soap and Paper Factory a few years ago and fell in love. I have extremely dry skin during the winter and my hands usually crack. I was tired of using awful smelling creams that really didn't help my hands. I love their hand creams and they truly help my skin. My favorite scents are Madagascar Vanilla and Winter Vanilla (from their winter collection). These are great stocking stuffers and they have so many options! I have ordered these as gifts for colleagues and they are definitely a favorite! 


Hello my sweet tooth peeps! LuLuBee Chocolate is to die for!  This is one of my favorite people and creators I have ever met through Instagram and to make it better, she is right here in Lincoln!  I got to meet Gaylene at a craft fair where she told me the story of how she began making these delicious chocolates, how her business name was inspired by her two daughters and how she loves sharing her creations with the world. Her chocolate is truly beautiful and delicious and made with love. The English Toffee is one of my favorites!


Need a cute way to fight the cold? Love Your Melon is the way to go!  From hats to scarves, this company has amazingly adorable hats with an even better purpose. Every hat purchased helps provide a hat to a child battling cancer.  This company was created in an entrepreneurship class in Minnesota and slowly evolved into a  worldwide movement! 


So, there ya have it folks! There are a few of my favorite things to help you get started this Holiday season! For more ideas, check out the live list of items I will be adding to throughout the year! 


I hope this list has helped you find some ideas to tackle your shopping list! 

Happy Holidays! 

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