My New Box of Crayons! My Original post from 8/3/10

Hey there! I find it interesting that no matter how many times I make a change to my brand or move to something new, this blog post still rings true.  This post is where it all started, my  friends. This whole dream originally started as a reflection during my Student Teaching in College and has turned into something amazing! So, have some fun and read my very first post EVER! 

Remember going back to school shopping and you always got new pens, pencils, folders, notebooks and of course crayons?  Those were always the most important thing to have in elementary school, all the different colors and the awesome sharpener on the back of the box so your masterpieces were always perfect! You would walk into your classroom on that first day and flip open your brand new desk and begin to put all your new supplies carefully placing them in your desk, but always making sure you had the perfect spot for your crayons so that they could quickly be accessed in case of a coloring emergency. There was no better feeling than opening a brand new box of was like opening yourself to a whole new world, a fresh start! You couldn't wait to break out the Pink Grapefruit for brightly colored pictures and Mac and Cheese yellow to draw the perfect sun.

I, at the age of 21, still enjoy opening that new box of crayons to find brightly colored soldiers standing in their strict rows. However, this upcoming fall I will be opening a whole new box of crayons. I will be entering the colorful world of Student Teaching! This moment of walking into a classroom and not having to leave them for a class of my own is what I have often imagined while writing multiple lesson plans, completing portfolios and many cups of coffee.  This is my new box of crayons, my fresh start, my first true step into " the real world".  So join me, as I begin my journey with a brand new box of crayons.


Thanks for stoppin' by!